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These days, one thing is common amongst adults – the cry of how to navigate these tough times. You hear words like “Adulthood na scam” “How did our parents do it?” “I want to go back to being a child” … 🥺

Imagine worrying about making money to pay bills and then worrying about the process of paying these bills🤔 Well, no more!

With Vested, you can transfer and receive funds easily, to and from your Vested and 3rd party accounts, with zero wait time.

Show your folks you’re thinking of them!  Send them money to get through these tough times. You can even choose to automate transfers instead of waiting for them to ask😉

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With Vested, you can pay cable subscription, associations bills, lottery & gaming fees, dues & service charges, and many more with ease.

Never miss your favourite shows! Stay atop of your game and avoid unsolicited reminders from your co-residents…😁

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With Vested, you can choose to automate your monthly data subscription to help control your data usage.

Always stay connected with the world! Stay up to date with trends… stalk that person…😄 stream your favourite music, shows, movies, etc., when you buy data plans that work for you.

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With Vested you can buy airtime from your network provider(s) anytime, without hassles.

Never lose contact with your loved ones! Catch up with old friends… 🥰and always stay in touch with those that matter to you.

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Something extra for you:

To make transactions even more hassle-free, draw up a monthly plan and automate your expenses. That way, you already know what your monthly spend looks like, you reduce stress and avoid duplicating expenses.👍🏽

*In Kizz Daniel’s voice* You don work, you don try! Spending your money shouldn’t be stressful. Get Vested and transact conveniently.

🧡 Love,

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