What Would You Do If You Found A Bag Of Money?

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The movie- Soólè took the term “secure the bag” very literally. 

 Without getting into the movie’s plot and subplots, Soólè is a story about a group of strangers doing anything and everything to protect a big bag of money that they discover on the bus they are riding from Lagos to Enugu.  

 The movie straddles comedic and chaotic, and while the overarching storyline had plenty of plot holes, there is much to learn about what people will do when money (dollars at that!!) is involved: drivers exploit, most people lie, preachers extort, a few people die, some will betray but others simply won’t… 

 After the passengers finally secured the bag- the bag that they fought armed robbers, used traditional spiritual powers, and abandoned their pregnant spouses for, how did they plan to spend their newfound wealth? Well, in vastly different ways!  

1.  Sister Veronica planned to use the money to run her orphanage, helping less privileged children. Kids can be expensive, and planning based on this can be one of the best ways for the kind sister to prepare herself and provide for her children as best as possible. She will need to; practice good budgeting skills and set financial goals in place to see them through the required stages of their education, and help them into adulthood or anything else that they might need.

2.  One of the university students (that is apparently also part of a special police force) plans to buy his mother a house, mitigating Black Tax. But to successfully combat Black Tax, after he buys his mum that beautiful and well-deserved house, we’d advise our guy to also pay for insurance to cover the unforeseen. Home insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and comprehensive car insurance will help ease any financial stress (Black Tax) that might arise in the future. 

3.  Aboki’ plans to buy many cows. Yes, to cultural and economic value. In Nigeria, especially with the population increase, agribusiness is a very important component of the economy, and the demand for agricultural products keeps rising. Investing in agriculture helps hedge against inflation, and usually brings in high yields. We have an e-book that educates you on agri-investing in Nigeria. 

4.  This guy plans to Detty December; no judgment! A very quick advice from us to this gentleman to make the most of this December would be – to buy tickets on time, and when the opportunity arises, to take advantage of discounts and giveaways like Black Friday, Thanksgiving sales, Christmas sales, New Year sales, etc. But the ultimate advice would be to remember that January is no respecter of men, it will humble you if you don’t have a cash reserve for you to fall back on.  

Money is interesting… It brings out the best, worst, and weirdest sides of people. It can cause husbands to outwardly abandon their pregnant wives by the roadside. Worst of all, it can throw all morals out the window! None of the characters, not even the seemingly saintly sister Veronica, questioned why they were planning to spend money that did not belong to them! 

Have you watched Soólè? What money lessons did you learn? What would you do if you found a bag of money in an odd place?  

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