May Nigeria not happen to you

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May Nigeria not happen to me” is arguably the daily affirmation of the average Nigerian living in Nigeria. Even Nigerians in the diaspora have adopted this as a daily prayer; they fear for the uncertainty surrounding the livelihoods of their loved ones here. 

But what if Nigeria happening to you means enjoying the milk and honey flowing in Nigeria? What if Nigeria happening to you means there are working systems in place to ensure you are making your dream income, being able to afford quality meals, buying your dream home or car, going on yearly vacations… the list is endless! 

Did you laugh at the impossibility of this? That’s fair. The average Nigerian is faced with two options- japa or survive. 

Truth is, whatever option you choose, you need a plan. Without a solid financial plan, even japaing would be difficult.  

Here are a couple of things you can do; 

Plan… save. 

Start with a plan…and somewhere in that plan there should be a step where you must save. And we’ve helped you simplify the processes to achieve it- Saving towards a Goal (STAG) or Saving as a Lifestyle (SAAL) 

STAG is the way to go if you’re looking to never delay on your house rent, if you would like to change your car in a year, or if you are eyeing a move to pastures anew.   

To ensure that you’re covered when emergencies come up, to ensure that life, and Nigeria doesn’t happen to you, you need to consistently set aside funds and build your wealth base. Basically, you want to SAAL.  

The plan is to survive Nigeria. You can choose to do it solo or together with the important people in your life – friends, family, business partners, etc. Download Vested now to get started. 


Happy Democracy Day! 

The Vested team. 

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