Joint Banking, but with Peace of Mind!

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Money. The people that have a lot of it say that it answers all things. And then there are other people, like you and me who just need it to answer to some really important things (or maybe not you and me, because some of you secret billionaires reading this might be going; ‘’you and who sir?”).

Anyway, no matter how much money you have it is still a tricky subject to discuss, especially with family or friends and even business partners.

The thing is, who wouldn’t like to have some transparency or accountability when dealing with money?

Did you know that about 43% of the #couplesgoals you see don’t know exactly how much their partners make? Are you aware that 86% of the arguments couples have are about money?

What about family or friends? We’re probably all too familiar with the one where the brother abroad sends money to his sister to help him build the family house and this ‘’sister’’ ends up diverting the money to her own permanent site. The stories are endless, and they involve friends and business partners as well, who turn out to be financially reckless with money that belongs to a group of people.

Given that you must share some financial #entanglements with others, wouldn’t it be nice if you could do it in a simple, transparent, secure, and convenient way for everyone involved? Turns out you can!

The new Joint Banking feature from Vested enables couples, family members, friends, and business associates make financial contributions to, and transact from, a central shared account in real time. And you can do this while maintaining your personal financial assets on the side. Nice right?

The Joint Banking feature from Vested guarantees a collaborative and connected banking experience where you’ll always have a say. Build wealth the way you want, reach your goals faster by partnering, and do it safely and conveniently.

To enjoy transparent and secure joint banking experience, download the Vested App now!

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