In this economy, how far would you go for money?

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Quick question: what would you do for money?

…If you are Emmanuella (or Emma), Jemma, or Donna, the answer is a lot!

…If you are Simon Leviev, also a lot!

…If you are Anna Delvey, a whole lot!

…If you are … OK, you get it…

A recent thread on Netflix series and movies has shown people doing things that are at best absurd, and at worst illegal, for money. Glamour GirlsTinder SwindlerInventing Anna.

From white lies to criminal money laundering activities, there are lots of crazy things in between that people have done for money.


And especially in this economy!

>> Dollar at N710! 😭 😭 😭 😭

>> Inflation at 17% 😨 😨 😨 😨 😨

>> Unemployment upwards of 30% 🥺 🥺 🥺 🥺


Which of the following would you do?
  1. Would you be someone’s personal footrest as they watch TV?


  1. Would you take part in a crazy medical research?


  1. Would you steal and sell stolen goods?


  1. Would you sell pictures of your feet?


  1. Would you snort wasabi/ pepper for N1,000? What about for N10Million?

  1. Would you return money that a stranger transferred to you by mistake?

  2. Would you sell pirated copyright material?

  3. Would you steal money from your grandmother to give to take your crush on a date? What about to help a desperately broke friend?

  4. Would you sell a part of your body for money?

  5. Would you keep extra change that a cashier gave you by mistake?


Money ethics is a dicey topic that we will save for another day. But the truth is, you might be shocked at some of the things you would be willing to do for money. It would be interesting to interrogate oneself and unpack ‘why’ you would do the hypothetical things for money. Some of them might be:

  1. Legitimate financial desperation
  2. High risk appetite and the thrill of it
  3. Apathy and indifference towards ‘right or wrong’
  4. Greed

Now that we have talked about what you WOULD DO, what would you NOT DO?
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By Wamuyu

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