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We want you to win this year.

We want to help you make the best financial decisions this year. So, for this purpose, we bring you good news – For Your Vested Interest; a series of articles where we share insights on issues that pertain to money and your financial well-being. We address four topics;

  • How to make the cashless policy work for you.
  • How you can invest differently in an election year.
  • Key things to look out for post elections, and how they affect you and your finances.
  • The benefits of joint banking and how you can successfully combine finances with others (friends, family, flat mates, etc.).

These articles are fueled by insights from discussions with experts, research and trends tracking. Enjoy your read as you take this journey with us into the world of finances and wealth-building. 

FOR YOUR VESTED INTEREST: Joint Finances; Experts Recommendation On How You Can Share Your Burden In 2023

It can’t be that deep – an account opening form, passport photographs of all parties, valid means of identification for all parties, valid utility bill, reference forms, a biodata form…

FOR YOUR VESTED INTEREST: CASHLESS FACTS AND FAQs; Making the cashless policy work for you

In Nigeria today, the quote ‘cash is king’ faces a serious extinction threat. Recent global trends show it, and many countries including Nigeria are making active efforts to remove cash in circulation…

FOR YOUR VESTED INTEREST: You Might Have To Do Investing Differently This Year

It’s too risky. You need to be rich. You need to monitor it daily. You need to be an expert. You need to know when the right time is to buy.”
It’s fair to say that investing has an image problem, and 2023 might be a good year for you to look beyond the stereotypes…

FOR YOUR VESTED INTEREST; Look Beyond The Elections: Cost of Living, Financial Well-being, Inflation

Did you know that the stock market in Nigeria recorded one of the highest daily performances when Former President Goodluck Jonathan called President Muhammadu Buhari to congratulate him for winning the presidential election in 2015? Yes, an……..

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