Remove the stress of keeping track of multiple platforms.

360° savings option

Automate your personal or joint savings and reduce financial stress by saving towards short or long-term goals.

Save as a lifestyle – cultivate the habit of saving daily, monthly, or quarterly.
Save as towards a goal – plan towards a vacation, your rent, a new car, retirement, or fun activities.

Intuitive portfolio based investment

Simplify your personal or joint investment by accessing a curated set of investment opportunities.

Create a portfolio – diversify your investments by selecting from a variety of mutual funds.
Grow your portfolio – add more funds to your portfolio to compound your interest.

Safe and secure transactions

Schedule your bills payments and make recurring funds transfers from your Vested account.

Make bill payments – pay utility bills to a variety of vendors instantly and conveniently.
Make easy transfers – make easy airtime purchases – buy and send airtime/data with Vested.
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