eBook: The Millennial Money Playbook

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In true Vested tradition, we wanted this to start with real people.

We reached out to 400 individuals and families from across Nigeria to ask about their money worries, ambitions, and behaviors. Many of you will have provided your perspectives. Thank you. Poring through your feedback has been reassuring.

In summary, while most young Nigerians live in financial precarity, we are hugely encouraged by the customary Nigerian optimism we see in your responses. Most people have not given in to despondency and are instead developing and implementing plans to improve their financial wellbeing.

We thought our time was best used to help you to implement these plans as successfully as possible, which is why we have developed “The Millennial Money Playbook: Your Guide to Building Wealth”.

This will be delivered as a series of playbooks editions that provide practical guides and tips on how you can achieve the financial goals and ambitions you have told us are most important to you.

We have more...

Playbook 1st Edition¬† ¬† –

Tame the Unknown:
How to Build a Wealth Base.

Playbook 2nd Edition –

Choose to Challenge:
How to Close the Wealth Gap

Playbook 3rd Edition –

Make Money Moves:
How to Execute your Bold Plans

Playbook 4th Edition –

Go Together:
How to Couple your Finances

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